How not to start a beautiful day

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I woke up this morning to a beautiful autumn day. One look out the window at the orange, yellow and red leaves outlined against a brilliant blue sky and I was ready for a big breakfast and day of gardening.

Sadly, I made the mistake of reading the letters to the editor in the Sunday Gazette.

A fellow from the US asserts that George W. Bush is a man of “vision, morals, principle, honour and ethics.”

I am no longer hungry and have written my first letter to a newspaper.


Mo-ray-al vs. Tronna

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My friend Rob, a born and bred Montrealer now living in Toronto is coming to visit next Friday. Rob asked me if there was anything I wanted from Toronto. I of course, cackled at the notion that there could be anything I might want from Toronto. Nevertheless, I not-so-politely asked, “like what?”. Rob’s answer?

1) fake bagels
2) imported smoked meat (from Montreal)
3) Westmount immigrants
4) Ken Dryden


This little piggy went to market

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This is a true story. While shopping at Loblaws today, I discovered a product called…wait for it…Bowel Buddy. You’re probably thinking this is some kind of product along the lines of “Depends”. Nope, it’s some kind of incredibly over-priced bran wafer. The company who produces and/or distributes it, Abundance Marketing, is having a “blow-out” sale on their website.


You wanna be worshipped? Go to India and moo.

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Very enjoyable first fall semester pubquiz at McKibbins last night. We tied for first. Go us!

Oh, and in honour of Jacob our team name this year is Hedley.


Carrots and ‘matoes and basil, oh my

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As some of you know, I have an aversion to all things cooking-y and food preparation-y. My trips to the kitchen almost always exclusively involve putting something into the microwave. However, in a bid to eat more healthily, I have been making myself eat more fruit and vegetables. Luckily, I am blessed with a doting husband who enjoys things cooking-y and food preparation-y. Every evening, as a pre-dinner snack Mark prepares a nice plate of carrots and tomatoes with basil fresh from the garden. The presentation varies, sometimes he builds little towers and garnishes the construction with a sprig of parsley; today, it was an elaborate star/wagon wheel type of thing.

Oh, and the barbecue dinner he prepared last night didn’t suck either.


Pubquizzing, we’re pubquizzing

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On the first Tuesday of every month at 8:00 pm sharp(ish) we can be found upstairs at Hurley’s Irish Pub pubquizzing our little hearts out. Most of us take turns being the quizmaster and writing the questions and the make-up of the teams often varies.

On every other Monday night during the school year, we can be found at the McKibbins pubquiz. The McKibbins pubquiz is a more formal set-up. The quiz is always hosted by the same person, the lovely and talented Sean Murphy and the quiz begins at 8:00pm(ish, very ish, really extremely ish, more like 8:40pm). Teams are made up of not more than four people and teams choose names that they use throughout the season. Last year we were known as “We’re not Slytherin”. Our team is made up of Mark, Kim and me. Occasionally we have a special guest star fourth. One of our rival teams last year was “Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps”. Kim works with one of the guys on the team and a certain gloating ritual has developed between them.

This season we are considering changing our team name, so far, Kim has come up with the following suggestions:

1) And The Winner of a $25 McKibbin’s Gift Certificate Is…
2) We’re Not 2 Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps
3) What Would Sipowicz Do?
4) The Googlewhacks
5) Hell’s Wombats
6) The Da Vinci Code Sucks
7) We Are Not a Real Trivia Team, We Just Act Like One Sometimes.
8) I’m on My Second Cup of Starbucks at Van Houtte
9) I’m Really Tired
10) Give Me Candy Now
11) I’m Going Home For a Nap

Stay tuned to find out what we decide.

Oh, isn’t it wild



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They have replaced all the machines at the gym with fancy-schmancy new ones. Ok, so the old ones had seen better days-some had bits missing and some had torn seats and nicks and scratches but damnit, I knew how those ones worked.

Changes, bah!


That do impress me much!

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Less than a month after giving birth to the adorable Simon Oliver, my sister-in-law Susan was back playing ice hockey. Susan, you rock!

Oh, and doesn’t this just make you smile?

There was one in the bed and the little one said....


Lady is a Tramper

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Last November or thereabouts, Mark went crazy at a silent auction held at McGill to benefit Centraide. One of the things he successfully bid on was a one year membership for the Morgan Arboretum. Yesterday we finally got around to trading in the certificate for our official membership and then spent a very pleasant morning tramping around the woods and getting slightly lost. Despite the absence of streams or a river, it brought back memories of our fantastic honeymoon trip to New Zealand. We are looking forward to doing more exploring of the arboretum, especially once the leaves start to change colour. We are looking forward even more to returning to New Zealand.

Later in the day, in order to make up for all the healthy-outdoorsyness of the morning, I plunked myself down in front of the tv, and much to Mark’s chagrin, proceeded to watch endless decorating shows. A very pleasant Sunday it was.


Time is fleeting

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Last week Mark and I went to Ikea. We ran into Andrew, a former schoolmate, bandmate and next-door-neighbour. Andrew thought I haven’t aged. I think Andrew hasn’t aged. Andrew is a professor at McGill. I am a manager. Aren’t professors and managers old people, or in the very least grown-ups? Bah!


Well that’s ok then…I think.

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Recently I had cause to make a work-related inquiry regarding the treatment of some animals. Here is the response I received:

Our company had inquiry from the animal protection group before the same question .
These CAT are left from the first, and they are cats.
It was pitiful, and thought, and [name deleted], author, inherited these.
[name deleted] gave a small cat milk in the change of the parents cat every day.
[name deleted] loved every day, and came to take a picture.
It escalated, and it was made to put on clothes, and a picture was taken.

The backbone of the cat doesn’t break.
Medicine isn’t being used for the cat.
A stand isn’t being stabbed to the cat.

A cat stands up only in a moment.
Person’s many hands are reflected by photo of the photograph.

1980 - 2004 live still by only 1.

Most of the designers of the pet clothes are influenced by [name deleted] though
it is in fashion by the book today to make a pet such as a dog put on

Do you think that it has a cute eye like [name deleted] when an author turns the
lens of the camera if cats are in pain and it is severe?
Are you charging the expression of [name deleted] to want you to help it?

Is [name deleted] likely to have loved these cats a little too much?

Thank you for the inquiry.

This is [name deleted], manager.
I am not good at English.
This sentence was made with application of English & Japanese.
Approve it.
[name deleted]



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No, not yet, it’s too soon.


Penguin at the Wheel

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