Sew what? Version 2

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Up until a year ago, we were city dwellers. Condo people. Funky loft condo people even.

That all changed when we sold our condo and bought a house…in the ‘burbs.

I am not your typical suburbanite. I don’t cook, knit, sew, quilt, scrapbook, “craft” or drive a mini-van.

However, on one of our first forays into Canadian Tire after purchasing our house (no doubt to pick up some tool required by suburban law, like a rake) I spotted and felt compelled to buy one of those mini sewing machines, one of these specifically.

A year later, it still sits in its box, unopened, but from time to time, Mark will say something like, when are you going to open it, huh? huh?

It may be a girly gadget, but a gadget is a gadget, and guys and gadgets, well, it’s like a moth to a flame, innit?

And hey, you never know, give me a staple gun, some popsicle sticks, some fabric, and another year in the ‘burbs, and I just may surprise myself and build a quilt.

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