All the leaves are brown

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Out here in the ‘burbs people are obsessed with leaves, specifically the leaves that have the gall to wither and die in the Autumn and make a mess of their pristine, golf course-like lawns.

In our neighbourhood people spend small fortunes to have someone come with their leaf-blowers and their tarps or their giant leaf vacuums to remove every last bit of Mother Nature’s fall bounty.

Being former city-folk, and not knowing all the rules, we left our leaves right where they were last year.

As it turns out, this is the equivalent to having one or more cars up on blocks on your front lawn.

This year I had a cursory check into what it would cost to have our leaves professionally removed and quickly decided that it would be better to put the money aside for shoes emergency household repairs.

Why pay someone to do it when we could do it ourselves Mark could do it himself?

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