Strange. Cute. True.

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Monday night, on my way downtown to the McKibbins Pubquiz, I had to stop at the video store in Beaurepaire Village to drop off Kill Bill Volume 2. Good movie, I give it two thumbs up, but I digress.

As I was about to get out of the car, I noticed a woman walking her dog. Close behind, seemingly chasing after the lady and her dog was a cat. Yes, a cat. How odd, I thought to myself. The lady crossed the street with her dog, and lo and behold, the cat followed. The woman tied up her dog and went into a convenience store.

I glanced across the street and was surprised to see the cat sitting calmly next to the dog. Me, being me, I had to find out what was going on, so I crossed the street, went into the convenience store and asked the dog-walking-lady if that was her cat. She replied that it was and that she always takes the dog for a walk on his leash, and the cat accompanies them.

I wish I had had the camera with me.

WTF Photo Quiz

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Hey, don’t forget to play this week’s WTF photo quiz here.

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