WTF Photo Quiz 3

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Don’t forget to play the WTF photo quiz here (or here if you need a hint.)

Filler post

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Because work is a big pile of poo, here is a crappy filler post.

Some of what I’m listening to while I work:

Sucks to be You Prozzak (actually, at the moment, it sucks to be me)
Try Blue Rodeo (I’m trying, damnit)
Praise You Fatboy Slim (no, praise me!)
O-o-ooh Child Nina Simone ( things are going to get easier? God, I hope so)
Mad World Gary Jules version ( it surely is)
Bang on the Drum Specials version (yes, I don’t want to work)
What a Wonderul World Joey Ramone version (it would be if it weren’t for W, Osama and this big pile of poo)
And She Was Talking Heads (sick of work, that is)
All the Small Things Blink 182 (it’s always the small things)
Mmmbop Hanson (I don’t give a flying fuck what you think about this song, or the fact that I have it)
What am I doing Here Blue Rodeo (damn good question)
Ring of Fire Social Distortion version (It seems I really did fall into that damn ring of fire)
Noise Annoys Buzzcocks (but not as much as work)
I Wanna be Sedated Ramones (boy, do I ever)
Consequence Free Great Big Sea (I really want to be)
Reach for the Sun Polyphonic Spree (wheeeeee happy, happy!)

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