Blue and Silver

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Merry Christmas!


The Scare Stick

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My mother is crazy. Face it, what mother isn’t? It’s in the job description after all. Having said that, I must also say that I adore my mother, craziness and all.

My brother, sister-in-law and my nephew are visiting from Vancouver. They are in Montreal for three weeks and are dutifully doing the family and friends we’ve-got-a-new-baby tour. (T-shirts are available in the lobby.)

Last weekend was our turn, and my brother’s family was staying with us. My mum and step-dad joined us for dinner on Saturday night.

My mum arrived with something to amuse the baby. The second she walked in the door, she started manipulating this scary clown-puppet-in-a-cone thing. It’s got big eyes, and she was making it twist and turn in a creepy way. Someone (I think it was my brother - the David Duchovny look-alike) immediately dubbed it “the scare stick”. The adults were all a little put off by the scary clown with the enormous eyes.

scare stick 1 scare stick 2

The baby? Well, he loved it of course.

scare stick 3


No Joy in Mudville today

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I am out of soup.

I must get some. I must get some now.

Back at some point with tales of scare sticks and job hunting tips.


Geek Porn

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Mark has a fancy-assed screen saver that combs the net for random images and displays them as an ever-changing photo-montage.

The other day, an image came up very similar to this: Hot Chick

I said, “hey, look, it’s a hot chick!” Mark gave the screen a perfunctory glance and turned back to the conversation he was having with my brother.

A minute later, a picture came up very similar to this: Apple G5

Some 6th geek sense must have told Mark to turn to the screen and this time he started to drool.

This is but one reason I love my husband.


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas - part deux

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See this guy? Kiwi Christmas

I stole him from Fi over at Kiwifruit. I think he’s adorable.

I had thought of putting one of our national symbols all dressed up for Christmas on my blog, but the thought of what results searching for “beaver in a Santa hat” might bring made me quickly discard that idea.

I think I’ll just stick with my stolen Kiwi Santa.


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

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This year we are having 15 people for Christmas dinner (we are having them over to celebrate, we aren’t actually going to eat them).

One tree just isn’t enough to share among that many people, hence the following:

Family Room Tree Tv Room Tree

This year we also have a very special guest, this guy:


Simon is our nephew and he is the first grandchild of the family. In honour of Simon we also have this tree:

Simon's Tree

Peace on earth and goodwill to all, may your holidays be bright and merry and shared with people you love.


You complete me

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Recently I purchased some new dishes. I bought them at Winners (TJ or TK Maxx to you Americans and Brits).
I have 13 of the large and small plates and 12 bowls. I had to go to three stores to get them. I can’t find any more anywhere. We have 15 people coming for Christmas. See a problem? I didn’t until I looked for them on this here interweb.

When I did a search on Royal Stafford Earthenware, guess what came up? Female Viagara cream, free poker online, cheap Nicorette gum and Ford Explorers. Apparently it’s not enough to be simply spammed by these bastards. All I can say is, fuck you, you fucking fucks. Fuck.

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