Fat Old Bag

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Aieeeeeeee I referred to someone as a “nice young man” today - Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Ok, I didn’t actually say it, but I thought it.

3 Responses to “Fat Old Bag”

  1. Neighbour Lady Says:

    I often refer to anyone under 25 as a “kid.” As in, “he’s a nice kid.” Gaaaah.

  2. Big Gay Sam Says:

    I always break into the yiddish accent.

    “such a nice boy!

    Then I grab the cheeks and pinch away.

    Getting old sucks.

  3. Sahfi Says:

    It’s ok, Jen. At least no one referred to you as a nice young man. Although I suspect you are getting the “ma’am” treatment occasionally which still sends me into fits of indignance at checkout counters. Recently, to let you know, patients of mine have called me Dr. Kid, Dr. Baby, and my favourite, Dr. Peanut. (really, that one is my favourite)

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