All poo, all the time

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I came across this:

Happy poo

when I was playing with this. (Guess what word I picked.)

Link found via Alan

I don’t remember where I found this one:


If that’s not enough poo for you, you can check out Dawn’s poo story.

What? Still not enough poo? Here is my poo story.

You’re kidding! More? Ok, last one. This will keep you occupied for hours.

Surprised by all this poo talk? Well, what do you expect from a member of the Shitty Blogs Club?


The Sanctity of Marriage

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Like so many people lately, I have been concerned about the sanctity of marriage. I have been worried that the very essence of my marriage could be threatened by people with morals and lifestyles so utterly different from my own.

I have been thinking long and hard about this subject, and after discussing it with my loving husband, we realised that our marriage has nothing to do with other people and whom they marry.

More importantly, in our society that so values freedom, I realised that itís ok for people like Jimmy Swaggart and Pat Robertson to marry after all.


In a pickle

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When I was 14 I did a lot of babysitting. One of the perks of babysitting is getting to raid other people’s fridges.

The first time I ever came across “Bread and Butter pickles” was while I was babysitting. With a name like that, I figured the idea was, you butter some bread and then put the pickles inside to make a sandwich.

Stop laughing.

I really like my bread and butter pickle sandwiches. (I still don’t know why they are called Bread and Butter pickles.)

If you think that’s weird, how about this: Mark, who hails from England, likes crisp (potato chip) sandwiches. This involves spreading your bread with mayonnaise and using potato chips for filling. Ugh. Ok, if I’m honest, it tastes pretty good, but the idea is seriously ugh. The funny thing is, Mark thinks peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are a) strange b) gross.

Now, how about you? Any slightly strange delicacies you’d like to share?


Auntie Blog

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My nephew has just turned six months old, and you know how those pre-pre-pre-adolescent boys can be, always wanting to impress the girls. Here he is, working out with his dad.


My nephew also just had his first experience with solid food. Apparently he likes it. He really, really, really likest it!



WTF Photo quiz

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Go play the WTF photo quiz here. Do it. Do it now.

Hint: apparently it’s not a warthog.


Neither rain nor sleet nor poo…

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One day last autumn, after hearing the clunk of the mailbox lid slamming shut after the postman made his regular deposit (his first at my house that day) the doorbell rang.

I went to answer the door assuming that the mailman had a package for me. It turns out he did, but not the good kind.

He asked if he could use my bathroom. Assuming he just needed a pee, I let him in and went back to my office. Twenty minutes later, I finally heard the toilet flush and the mailman emerged from the bathroom. He thanked me and went on his merry way.

Is it just me or was that just a little odd…and…well…gross?

I’m betting the guys reading this think this is perfectly normal and the women reading it are freaking out.


Bollocks it is.

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-Freddy and Kendra pffftttt.

-I played 20 questions here. It’s fun, but I broke it by pretending to be a condom.

-I have a hole in my favourite socks, the ones Mark gave me that say, “Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them”.

-I wish I had some rocks.

-I have just been given the day off…by me.

-I’m going to go buy pizza.


WTF Photo Quiz

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Hey, don’t forget to play the WTF photo quiz here.

This week, it’s all about ME.


Hairy Fit v 2.0

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A recent search that landed on my blog:


Are there other kinds?


Mr and Mrs Sauga

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-I have returned from Toronto - actually, Mississauga to be precise.

-I managed to snag a free copy of Jim Benton’s “It’s Happy BunnyTM Love Bites”

-A choice excerpt from the above: “…innocent bystanders may become sick in their own mouths.”

-Being in Mississauga causes me to be sick in my own mouth.

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