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My nephew has just turned six months old, and you know how those pre-pre-pre-adolescent boys can be, always wanting to impress the girls. Here he is, working out with his dad.


My nephew also just had his first experience with solid food. Apparently he likes it. He really, really, really likest it!


6 Responses to “Auntie Blog”

  1. Garnet Says:

    How cute!!!!

  2. C. Fish Says:

    Very cute! Makes me miss when Mine were tiny!

  3. Neighbour Lady Says:

    Awwww wot a cutie! Of course with his genes, how could he not be cute, eh?

  4. malea Says:

    omgggg the first picture is sooooooooo cute. babies are just adorable

  5. DaFFy Says:

    Ain’t he just the most gorgeous thing? Those chubby cheeks!

  6. Sahfi Says:

    Look at all of you… so blinded by his cuteness. Can’t you see what’s really happening here? Anyone who’s seen Lord of the Rings should know what that posture means. He’s casting a spell! Look at that little baby mouth forming incantations. He’s obviously summoning some powerful entity to help him change his strained peas to something better. Like a crown roast.

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