It’s the cheesiest!

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Headline of the week:

Canadian divers search for missing cheese.


Blue Rodeo

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Blue Rodeo.

A fine Canadian band. My favourite band.

I’ve seen them several times. Most recently this past June with her and him, oh and with him of course. I’ve seen them in Montreal. I’ve seen them in Toronto. I’ve seen them in the city. I’ve seen them in the country. We’ve even flown to New York to see them in a small venue. They are popular in Canada but never seem to have quite “made it” south of the border, although they do have a small but loyal following there.

They’re not quite country. They’re not quite folk. They’re not quite rock and they are not quite bluegrass.

They aren’t the Beatles, Pink Floyd or The Doors.

And yet…and yet they are a bit of all of the above.

They have an ease on stage. They have a warm and genuine interaction with their fans. They are down to earth and friendly. Jim’s got a killer smile. I got Greg’s autograph in New York.

They have supplied the romantic soundtrack to the three great loves of my life. The greatest of course being him.

The only music at our wedding ceremony was - you guessed it - Blue Rodeo.

If you haven’t heard of them, run, don’t walk, and pick up Five Days in July and Outskirts for starters.



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This past weekend we hosted a surprise party for one of our friends.

Credits and cast are as follows:

Best (birthday) girl: Cara
Concept and decor: Me
Organisation, execution and sneakiness: Tyler
Catering: Mark
Addtional sneakiness: Chris and Pierre
Supporting cast: Shawn, Ellen, Eddie, Manon, Raphael, Gabriel, Helen, Kevin, Benjamin and Mike.

Small, cute children provided by Eddie and Manon and Helen and Kevin.

Much food and drink was consumed and merriment was the order of the day.

No small children or animals were harmed in the making of this event.

Cara, for all you do, this birthday party was for you.


You know I’m write

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Now is probably a good time to draw your attention to the very first entry on this blog.


Auntie blogging

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These are pictures of my adorable nephew, Simon. They were taken on Canada Day. Sadly, Simon and his Mummy and Daddy live wayyyy at the other end of the country. We don’t get to see them that often.

Happily, they are all coming for a visit next month, wheeeeeeeeee!



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The latest in delightful search strings coming to my blog:

Fecal matter in movie theater chairs

I just don’t know what to say.


Show me the bunny

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This is Clyde (I just know, ok?).

Clyde is the bunny who lives under the juniper bush in our front yard. He is a nice bunny, even though he ate all our lettuce.

He has been forgiven because he likes to eat dandelions.

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