Random weekend picture blogging

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My brother, sister-in-law and the cutest nephew ever were here last week for a visit. They’ve gone now. It all went too fast. Come back!

simon and the dirt
Simon likes to dig in the dirt.

flowers for auntie jen
Simon picked some flowers for his Auntie Jen.

simon under the table
Simon under the dining room table.

television magnet
Simon and Mark are mesmerised by the television.

We all went up to the country to visit my mum and step-dad.

mum has a nice kitchen
Mum has a nice kitchen.

mark reads pooh
And a nice living room. Mark makes himself comfortable and catches up on his “Winnie the Pooh”.

Back home again.

my sunflowers
My sunflowers.

mark harvesting his veggies
Mark reaping what he has sown.


The Golden Rule

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I came across this while I was doing a search on the Golden Rule. I’m not sure that I agree with absolutely everything that’s said, but it sure makes you think.

It is time to make some noise - some really, really loud noise.

Do Unto Others
A guide to striking back at the Religious Right


Captain’s log

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It’s been 27 days since same sex marriage became legal in Canada.

I am pleased to report that my “traditional” heterosexual marriage remains intact, meaningful and continues to thrive.


In the Kitchen with Jen

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Those of you who know me well, know I don’t like to cook. In fact, I hate it. I’d rather stick forks in my eyes than cook.

However, on the very rare occasion, I have been known to cook. Not much good has ever come of it though. Once I made a stir-fry and it came out robin’s egg blue. I don’t have the recipe for that particular fiasco, but I thought I would share two of my favourite recipes with you.

Mess on Plate


One boneless, skinless chicken breast
Half a can tomatoes
One onion
Renées Caesar salad dressing


Cook chicken (grill, fry or bbq)
Cut onion into rings and fry until glassy
Heat tomatoes in a pot
When everything is cooked, combine on a plate and top with (lots of) Caesar salad dressing.

Kraft Dinner


2 boxes of Kraft Dinner


Open both boxes of KD
Throw away contents of one box (except for the powdered cheese packet)

Thrust remaining ingredients in husband’s (or other suitable person’s) face.
Demand that he (or she) make the KD more or less as per instructions but with the following variations:

Use real butter, skim milk, and two packets of cheese.

Happy cooking.


Cancelled if rain

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Last Saturday, after many delays due to uncooperative weather and general laziness, we finally had our garage sale. We were joined by J and K - no, not that J and K - this J and that K.

J helped out by fetching the requisite Saturday morning Tim’s and K contributed a lovely assortment of teapots among other things to the sale.

After the sale was over, we all headed over to Annie’s in Ste Anne-de-Bellevue for a late, lazy and celebratory lunch consisting mainly of unhealthy deep-fried things. We sat outside on the terrace and people and boat-watched and made snide comments about both.

The sale was very successful, and Mark and I made a whopping profit of $750.00.

In the olden days, I would have spent our profits on something decadent and/or silly. Now that I am old, mature and responsible, I immediately made an RRSP contribution. (Bo-ring!)

Let’s hear it for sunny Saturdays, coffee and donuts, greasy lunches, friends and fiscal responsibility!

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