The Apple Dumpling Gang

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You don’t really expect to hear of such things happening in Canada, but twice in the last week we have been victims of a drive-by.

The first time was very early Wednesday morning and the second time was late Sunday night. Thankfully, both times, the perpetrator’s weapon of choice was apple strudel.

Can we get coffee with that next time?


Auntie Blogging

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It’s Simon Oliver the Nephew time!

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Reading is fun!

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They call me The Peeker

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I am too gonna eat the whole thing!

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Baby Tai Chi

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Every baby should have their own cage

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Right, enough with the pictures, damn paparazzi!



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I couldn’t sleep last night, so I started reading The Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella. I finished it at about 4:30 am. If you like Chick Lit and are looking for a light, totally non-taxing read, I highly recommend it.

It’s still over there in the sidebar because I need to find a new book to read. I always have to have a book to read. I think I will see if they have the most recent Dave Sedaris book when I go back to the library.


Happy, happy, joy, joy

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Last night we stopped by the library to return some books.

When I go to the library, it is impossible not to have a quick browse through the new book section at the front.

One of the latest additions is The New Gay Teenager. Imagine that, a book about/for gay teens right there out in the open for all to see. In our local, leafy, land-of-minvans suburban library no less!

How great is it that the book has a place in the library, hasn’t been defaced and there wasn’t an angry mob of people and/or Fred Phelps demonstrating outside the library?

Oh, and on a similar note, it’s been 86 days since same-sex marriage became legal in Canada, and gee-whiz and golly-gosh too, my husband and I just celebrated our second ‚Äútraditional heterosexual” wedding anniversary and I am still pleased to report that our marriage remains intact, meaningful and continues to thrive.


October 4 2005

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Two years ago today, I said some stuff to him, he said some stuff to me, we signed some papers and we began the happily ever after.

Happy second anniversary darling!

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