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The year after Mark arrived in Canada, after being heavily influenced by one of my decorating magazines, I decided we needed to buy all new Xmas decorations in what was then probably the scheme of the day, blue and silver.

tree tree tree

While we still like and use the silver and blue scheme, last year I was thumbing through yet another decorating magazine and was deeply attracted to a very simple red, green and white homey handmade look. I resolved that this year I would make by hand a collection of more traditional ornaments. (Hah!)

In fact at one point we thought we might make all our Xmas gifts for this year. (Double hah!)

Not surprisingly, me, being me, I didn’t get around to making anything ornament-wise. However, I did pick up some homemade looking ornaments at Ikea and 10,000 villages.


Mark on the other hand did quite well; he made this lovely cupboard, which was too nice to give away… so we kept it. (We suck.)


He also made these cute decorative letters.


In the end, we did manage to make one thing together, but it was so special we decided we couldn’t possibly part with it. Click on the more link to see our masterpiece.


‘Tis the Season

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And so it begins…

Tomorrow is the third annual wreath-making and geeky game-playing invitational chez Cara and Tyler.

Upstairs, the women will be wielding glue-guns and demonstrating their creativity, while downstairs the guys will be embroiled in a marathon game of Civilisation.

Most importantly however, there will be lots of yummy food made by Cara.

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Me and my wreath from last year.

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