Aidan Potter

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Aidan seemed to enjoy his first Halloween, and mean mummy and daddy enjoyed his candy.

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All together now, Maw-rish-uhs.



Customer service

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Does it exist anymore?

Delightful (non)customer service I’ve experienced in the last two months.

1. Canada Post online bills my credit card for something I didn’t purchase. I phoned them on August 29 and was told they’d look into it. I was given a reference number. Have I heard anything from them? No.

2. On Thanksgiving Monday, I went to L’Aubainerie to get some shoes for Aidan. They were out of his size, so I aked if they knew if their LaSalle location was open that day. I was told that they “thought so” but couldn’t say for sure. I asked if they would call the store to confirm that it was open before I drove all the way there. I was told they are not allowed to call that store becaue it’s long distance. I was not amused. I sent an email to customer service on October 9 relating my delightful experience. Have I heard anything back from them? No.

3. A week ago I called our bank to get some information about our mortgage as we were likely about to sell our house. I wasn’t able to speak to a real person, so I left a message on a machine that assured me that “messages are checked frequently during the day”. A week later, our house is sold and I have yet to hear back from anyone at the bank.

4. Today, I was at Wal-Mart and asked a clerk a question, he didn’t seem to know what I was talking about and his immediate response was “huh” in a tone that managed to convey both rudeness and the implication that I was stupid for asking the question.

5. Three weeks ago, I called the real estate agent that represents an apartment building where we are interested in renting. I wanted to know about availability. She said she’d call me back the following week. Have I heard from her? No.

Does anybody give a shit about service anymore?

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