Now we are one

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This has been the happiest and hardest, the longest and shortest year of my life.

And it was all worth it.

Happy Birthday darling boy!

Pictures of eating, drinking, and celebrating can be found in the next couple of days on weeble garage.

Thanks to all who shared in the merriment.

Aidan reading Grandma's cool birthday card



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o yay!

And guess what.

My oh-so-”traditional” marriage is still happy, thriving and meaningful.

Yay o yay o yay!


All hail the Chinese cheese biscuit

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Rockin’ good time chez him and her on Saturday night.

Other Jen told me that the balls were Paul’s and that she didn’t have any, elbows were licked, and I admired John’s nuts.

Oh, and I’m a good guesser.

Now, don’t make me laugh. No, really, don’t.


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