All hail the Chinese cheese biscuit

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Rockin’ good time chez him and her on Saturday night.

Other Jen told me that the balls were Paul’s and that she didn’t have any, elbows were licked, and I admired John’s nuts.

Oh, and I’m a good guesser.

Now, don’t make me laugh. No, really, don’t.


7 Responses to “All hail the Chinese cheese biscuit”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Why, what happens when you laugh? Did you not do your Kegals? Tsk.

  2. Be Lambic or Green » The Weekend Says:

    [...] Saturday: Power back. No phone. No cable. Scone and cookie making. Party at J and Ks. Beer. Very silly games. Christmas and 80s music. Too much food. All hail the chinese cheese biscuit. [...]

  3. jen Says:

    Lady - I Kegeled till my keg was blue!

  4. Kerry Says:

    Thanks for coming!

  5. Paul Says:

    Wait… are you sure it wasn’t “All hail the Chinese Cheese…*pause*…people”?

  6. jen Says:

    Paul - sometimes it is , but only for Julie.

  7. Kerry Says:

    Well ya know….Julie’s married to my brother after all, so she’s not that bright.

    (I’m just glad you didn’t hear me say the ’shiny cheese people)

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