Aidan performing

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  1. Greg Says:

    A-dorable! And he’s wearing some robeez!!!

  2. Procrasto Says:

    If I fall on my ass like that, I’m bed-ridden for days.

    At what point do you think it starts to hurt?

    He’s a cute wee monkey - works the camera well.

  3. Ms Biggs Says:

    Just get in and pop up. So, I was just thinking about you as I cleaned up my dog’s diarrhea (the 2 things are not related, I assure you, although I am related to a harbor seal). I go on to your blog and what do I find? A fully functioning adorable young boy named Aidan who has mastered the very difficult tap tap tap command. Well, he’s not only a very very cheek squeezable little munchkin, but he’s yours. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Having a baby is very clever of you. Are his faces in other people’s places?
    Pip pip and all that rot.

  4. Sahfi Says:

    What I want to know is why is he so interested in that blue chest? Is that where you stuffed his original dance instructor so you could take credit for his choreographed routine? Disgraceful.

  5. jen Says:

    S - it’ a big chest, there is more than one instructor in there.

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