Live Earth

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There is no doubt that the Live Earth concerts are a good thing. Global warming needs all the attention it can get. We all need to take action and make sacrifices.

However, is it just me who has to ask…

Yo, celebrities!

How many houses do you own?

Do they really need to be so big?

How many bathrooms ya got?

And how about central air conditioning?

Swimming pools?

How many cars ya got?

How many are SUVs?

Do you recycle? Seriously, I wanna know!

What about all those fancy clothes? They need to be dry-cleaned, don’t they?

You change your regular clothes a lot too, that’s a lot of laundry!

Got a private jet…or two?

How much bottled water do you drink?

Apart from entertaining us all, making us feel good about ourselves, and that we are part of something important
I’d like to know what YOU are gonna give up.


Ok, so I’m not alone in my thoughts, I’m glad! I still wanna know the answers to those questions though.

4 Responses to “Live Earth”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Snow Patrol actually mentioned this (not sure if you saw it - it was probably just on our BBC coverage) and pointed out the many air miles they’ve accumlated doing their latest tour.

    I found it amusing that an event to promote energy conservation was a concert with shedloads of massive electronic equipment, with dozens of musicians who were flown in for the occassion.

  2. Liam Gallagher Says:

    Ah wuz finkin’ abaaht gettin’ one of does fookin’ ‘Ybrid cah’s, like.

    an’ what self respectin’ rock ‘n’ rowell stah drinks poncy wahte?

    Fookin’ that Josh Groban, that’s who…


  3. Fi Says:

    LiveEarth? Oh the irony of it all!

    (PS Good to have you back in the blogging ranks again)

  4. John Says:


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